About Us

Our priorities are the health & wealth benefits of the people as the world is currently going through a global health crisis which affects our physical and mental health as well as economy and financial well-being.

With LongLife and its products and business plan, we play an important role in everyone’s life, helping them to brave through the tough times, reaching out and extending the “rainbow after the rain” to each one of us.

LongLife is determined to deliver high-quality and clinically effective products and at the same time, we strive to nurture more achievers who are willing to grow together with us to build different aspects of their lives; for instance health, character development, financial stability, confidence, career and family.

Our key product, Cellifez, is imported and produced with natural ingredients based on extensive research and development by expertize and technology from Switzerland. PhytoCellTecTM is an innovative biotechnology that cultivates plant-based stem cells with great benefits toward human’s health and well-being.

Our Philosophy

Affordable Health, Sustainable Wealth
We believe that everyone deserves to purchase and consume supplements at affordable prices. And also, are able to build a career out of it by sharing the opportunity with more people.


  • To provide high quality health alternatives at affordable prices.
  • To provide opportunities to the people for achieving and maintaining a sustainable career with a comprehensive business platform.


  • To build a healthy international network based on a trustworthy business platform and high quality products.