How to Start?

All you need is trust and dedication. Trust the system and you will succeed towards becoming our next Leader/Achiever. Wait no more. Sign up as a LongLife member now!

What Do I Earn?

By joining LongLife, we are sailing in the same boat towards success. With our comprehensive marketing plan, you will be provided with ample support to run the business, expand your network and build your own empire.

Be Your Own Boss

LongLife is the platform for you to become your own boss. With a minimum entry/membership fee, you can start up a business and build a network of your own by reaching out to more likeminded people and work together towards a same objective.


You will be able to adjust your time according to your own schedule to achieve work-life balance. It is definitely a luxury to be able to enjoy family time and also to build a career at a steady pace.


You are the first team of direct users/consumers of our clinically tested products that is highly health beneficial. As a LongLife member, you enjoy discounts upon all purchases as well as bonuses and LifePoints to gradually level up.


You can work anywhere you want, at home, at a café, at a library or anywhere at your convenience. No more 9 to 5 office hours!

Job Security – Active and Passive Income

Many have lost their jobs during the Pandemic. It showed no one is guaranteed a job for a lifetime. But with LongLife, you are the boss and you are in-charge. Our business plan contributes 7 types of bonuses via active and passive incomes.


Not all jobs give you the satisfaction you long for. In LongLife, your hard work and dedication are always well-acknowledged. We know the feeling of achieving a desired result and being recognized for it.

International Networking

We are an international multilevel marketing company from Tanzania. In fact, we are the first registered MLM in the country. We have very high potential to expand and great business opportunities await us worldwide.